About the Department:

Undoubtedly the Indian Information Technology sector industry plays a dominant role in the growth of the GDP of our economy. But for the overall development of the economy and to compete globally, we need that our core sector should grow with considerable pace. To meet the industry requirement and to fill the skill gap we have established mechanical engineering department in our college Arya Institute of Engineering and Technology in the year 2011. From 2011 to now we have trained more than 425 industry ready mechanical engineer. Presently the department has an annual intake of 120 undergraduate students. Arya is one of the Best Mechanical Engineering Colleges in Jaipur.

Vision And Mission:

Vision: To achieve excellence in higher education by progressively promoting teaching methodology and integrating latest technology skills which are required to mechanical engineers

Mission:To provide knowledge and skills of Mechanical Engineering to the students.
To impart quality education to make them competent mechanical engineer and responsible citizen.
To provide facilities and environment conducive to the scholarly growth, for employability, higher studies and research.
To prepare its students for successful career in engineering.

Message By HOD:

It is an honor to be a part of Arya institute of engineering and technology and to work here as Head of Department of mechanical engineering.

Mechanical Engineering is one of the important branch of core branches. As mechanical engineering is the back bone of any industry it's our aim is to provide quality teaching to the students and to impart required technical skills of the students. Apart from course curriculum we provide technical knowledge according to changing industry demand with the help of events, industrial technical sessions and extra classes.

Department of mechanical engineering has a sound experience to provide quality teaching to the students. All labs of mechanical engineering are well equipped to provide practical knowledge of the subjects. The department has well qualified and dedicated faculty members to guide them in projects, imparts quality technical teaching and to make there personality impressive so that they get placed in a good organization. Top mechanical Engineering colleges in Jaipur Rajasthan.

Department Specializations:

No. of Seats:

120 (Mechanical Engineering)

Departmental Labs:

The department has well equipped with state of art laboratory with latest machineries and equipments which fulfill the requirement of the RTU and also provide the students for research work

  • Material Science and Technology Lab

  • Mechanical Workshop lab

  • Basic mechanical engineering Lab

  • Mechatronics Lab

  • Robotics Lab

  • Thermal Engineering Lab

  • Production Practices Lab

  • Turbomachine Lab

  • Computer numerical control (CNC) Lab

  • Heat Transfer lab

  • Dynamics of Machine lab

  • Kinematics of Machine

  • Vibration Lab

  • Fluid Mechanics lab

  • Computer Aided Design(CAD) Lab

Mechanical Workshop lab
Material Science and Technology Lab
Basic mechanical engineering Lab
Thermal Engineering Lab
Production Practices Lab
Turbomachine Lab
Heat Transfer lab
Dynamics of Machine lab
Kinematics of Machine
Vibration Lab
Fluid Mechanics lab
Computer Aided Design(CAD) Lab

Mechatronic Lab in ME Department

Mechatronic Lab
Mechatronic Lab
Mechatronic Lab
Mechatronic Lab
Mechatronic Lab
Mechatronic Lab
Mechatronic Lab
Mechatronic Lab

List of Program Educational Objectives (PEO)



To prepare undergraduate students with appropriate blend of theoretical foundations, experimentation & technical implementation to comprehend and pinpoint problems in the field of Mechanical Engineering to excel in under-graduate programs or to succeed in industry / technical profession


Core Competence:-

To provide students with a solid foundation in mathematical, scientific and engineering fundamentals required to solve mechanical engineering problems and also to pursue higher studies. Student will be able to employ his knowledge along with necessary techniques & tools for modern engineering applications.



To train students with good scientific and engineering breadth so as to comprehend, analyze, design, and create novel products and solutions for the real life problems in the present system



To inculcate in students professional and ethical attitude, effective communication skills, teamwork skills, multidisciplinary approach, and an ability to relate engineering issues to broader social context.


Learning Environment:-

To provide student with an academic environment aware of excellence, leadership, and the life-long learning needed for a successful professional career through independent studies, thesis, internships etc.

List of Program Outcomes


Engineering Knowledge:

Apply knowledge of mathematics and science, with fundamentals of Engineering to be able to solve complex engineering problems related.


Problem Analysis:

Identify, Formulate, review research literature and analyze complex engineering problems and reaching substantiated conclusions using first principles of mathematics, natural sciences and engineering sciences


Design/Development of solutions:

Design solutions for complex engineering problems and design system components or processes that meet the specified needs with appropriate consideration for the public health and safety and the cultural societal and environmental considerations.


Conduct Investigations of Complex problems:

Use research–based knowledge and research methods including design of experiments, analysis and interpretation of data, and synthesis of the information to provide valid conclusions.


Modern Tool Usage:

Create, Select and apply appropriate techniques, resources and modern engineering and IT tools including prediction and modeling to complex engineering activities with an understanding of the limitations.


The Engineer and Society:

Apply Reasoning informed by the contextual knowledge to assess societal, health, safety, legal and cultural issues and the consequent responsibilities relevant to the professional engineering practice.


Environment and Sustainability:

Understand the impact of the professional engineering solutions in societal and environmental contexts sustainable development.



Apply Ethical Principles and commit to professional ethics and responsibilities and norms of the engineering practice


Individual and Team Work:

Function effectively as an individual and as



Communicate effectively on complex engineering activities with the engineering community and with society at large such write effective reports and design documentation, make effective presentations and give and receive clear instructions.


Project Management and Finance:

Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the engineering management principles and apply these to one’s own work, as a member and leader in a team, to manage projects and in multi disciplinary environments.


Life-Long Learning:

Recognize the need for and have the preparation and ability to engage in independent and life-long learning the broadest context of technological change.

Program Specific Outcome

Department has specifically defined few objectives of this program which make students realize the fact that the knowledge and techniques learnt in this course has direct implication for the betterment of society and its sustainability


The graduate will be able to work in power plant ,automobile industries , and manufacturing industries in sphere of Operation, Maintenance and Design with the help of CAD/CAM tool while ensuring best manufacturing practices.


The graduate will be able to inculcate their skill and knowledge in the domain of thermal and fluid sciences to reduce the complexity of mechanical engineering by utilizing advanced technology.


B.Tech 2018-2019 Batch
S.No. Year Name Roll No. Company Name
1 2018-2019 MAYANK GAUTAM 15EAIME044 Aerolith
2 2018-2019 ASHISH MAHESHWARI 15EAIME710 Aerolith
3 2018-2019 LOVAN SHRINGAM 15EAIME728 Aerolith
4 2018-2019 NEERAJ JOSHI 15EAIME056 Collabera
5 2018-2019 PRAVEEN BHATT 15EAIME074 Collabera
6 2018-2019 ABHIPRIYA GUPTA 701 Collabera
7 2018-2019 ABHINAV SHROTRIYA 15EAIME700 Consultadd
8 2018-2019 VIKRANT BHARATH 15EAIME120 IMS People
9 2018-2019 SHUBHAM ROHILLA 15EAIME111 Optra Automation
10 2018-2019 ANIL TUSAWARA 15EAIME013 Pinnacle
11 2018-2019 SURENDRA PAL SINGH BAJROT 15EAIME115 Pinnacle
12 2018-2019 ARSHAD HUSSAIN 15EAIME709 Pinnacle
13 2018-2019 ANKIT KUMAR 15EAIME014 Pinnacle Investment
14 2018-2019 DHANANJAY SINGH 15EAIME026 Pinnacle Investment
15 2018-2019 PRADHYUMN SHARMA 15EAIME071 Pinnacle Investment
16 2018-2019 RAHUL TAILOR 15EAIME080 Pinnacle Investment
17 2018-2019 SHIVAM MOONDRA 15EAIME110 Pinnacle Investment
18 2018-2019 MADHAV KUMAR JHA 15EAIME729 Pinnacle Investment
19 2018-2019 PRADEEP KUMAR NARANG 15EAIME069 Ripples
20 2018-2019 PRADHUMAN SINGH 15EAIME070 Ripples
21 2018-2019 RISHABH PANDAY 15EAIME091 Ripples

B.Tech 2017-2018 Batch
S.No. Year Name Roll No. Company Name
1 2017-2018 PRADEEP SUMAN 13EAIME078 Arabol Lubricants
2 2017-2018 ABHINANDAN KUMAR SINGH 14EAIME002 Arabol Lubricants
3 2017-2018 ABHISHEK JAIN 14EAIME003 Arabol Lubricants
4 2017-2018 HARISH SHARMA 14EAIME029 Ashok Leyland
5 2017-2018 ee 14EAIME069 Ashok Leyland
6 2017-2018 VINAY PRABHAT SINGH CHOUHAN 14EAIME107 Ashok Leyland
7 2017-2018 VINIT KHANDELWAL 14EAIME108 Ashok Leyland
8 2017-2018 MD SHAHID INZMAM 14EAIME300 Ashok Leyland
9 2017-2018 SHAHNAWAZ ALI 14EAIME725 Ashok Leyland
10 2017-2018 GAURAV KUMAR 14EAIME027 Collabera
11 2017-2018 ABHISHEK MISHRA 14EAIME004 Consultadd
12 2017-2018 AISHWARY PAREEK 14EAIME005 Consultadd
13 2017-2018 AJAY SHARMA 14EAIME006 Consultadd
14 2017-2018 AKASH KUMAR MISHRA 14EAIME007 Consultadd
15 2017-2018 AKASH TOMAR 14EAIME008 Consultadd
16 2017-2018 AMIT RUNDLA 14EAIME011 Consultadd
17 2017-2018 ANAS IRFAN 14EAIME012 Consultadd
18 2017-2018 KAPIL SHARMA 14EAIME044 Dekho
19 2017-2018 AMIT KUMAR 14EAIME703 Dekho
20 2017-2018 ABHILASHA LAL 14EAIME001 EPIC
21 2017-2018 RAJAT BISHT 14EAIME075 EPIC
22 2017-2018 SAHIL MEHRA 14EAIME084 EPIC
25 2017-2018 ATUL SAKLANI 14EAIME706 EPIC
26 2017-2018 PRAFFUL KUMAR 14EAIME070 eUniversal
27 2017-2018 RAJAT RAUT 14EAIME076 eUniversal
28 2017-2018 ANKIT JAIN 14EAIME013 FACE
30 2017-2018 ROHIT BANGWAL 15EAIME201 FACE
31 2017-2018 MUKESH RAI 14EAIME062 Net2Source
32 2017-2018 ALOK RANJAN SHUKLA 14EAIME009 Pinnacle
33 2017-2018 GANPAT LAL 14EAIME026 Pinnacle
34 2017-2018 SURAJ KUMAR 14EAIME097 Pinnacle
35 2017-2018 VAIBHAV SACHDEVA 14EAIME104 Pinnacle
36 2017-2018 VIVEK SHAHI 14EAIME114 Pinnacle
37 2017-2018 SWAPNIL SONI 14EAIME727 RMC Switchgears
38 2017-2018 AMAN BHARTI 14EAIME010 Snappyhire
39 2017-2018 KULDEEP SINGH RATHORE 14EAIME710 Snappyhire
40 2017-2018 DEEPAK BAIRWA 14EAIME023 Techienest
41 2017-2018 JAYANT KUMAR SHARMA 14EAIME035 Techienest

B.Tech 2016-2017 Batch
S.No. Year Name Roll No. Company Name
1 2016-2017 ABHISHEK GHIMIREY 13EAIME003 Collabera
2 2016-2017 ANIL KUMAR 13EAIME012 Kukars
3 2016-2017 ANKIT JOSHI 13EAIME013 Kukars
4 2016-2017 ANKIT SHARMA 13EAIME014 Kukars
5 2016-2017 ANURAG SHARMA 13EAIME018 Kukars
6 2016-2017 ABHILASH PAREEK 13EAIME001 Arabol
7 2016-2017 SARANG KUMAR MALPANI 13EAIME099 Arabol
8 2016-2017 MOHIT YADAV 13EAIME064 Arabol
9 2016-2017 BHAVESH MEHTA 13EAIME024 Arabol
10 2016-2017 MOHD GUFRAN 13EAIME063 Arabol
11 2016-2017 VIPIN CHOUDHARY 13EAIME121 Arabol
12 2016-2017 AYUSH SRIVASTAVA 13EAIME709 Arabol
13 2016-2017 MD EBRAR AHMAD 13EAIME059 Arabol
14 2016-2017 SAURABH SHARMA 13EAIME102 Arabol
15 2016-2017 ANMOL GUPTA 13EAIME016 Arabol
16 2016-2017 PRADEEP KUMAR 13EAIME076 Arabol
17 2016-2017 ABHISHEK KUMAR 13EAIME005 dekho
18 2016-2017 ABHISHEK KUMAR 13EAIME006 dekho
19 2016-2017 AKASH JANGIR 13EAIME007 dekho
20 2016-2017 AKSHAY 13EAIME009 dekho
21 2016-2017 CHETAN DADHICH 13EAIME030 Amazon
22 2016-2017 SOMESH SHARMA 13EAIME107 Just Dial
23 2016-2017 AVINASH SHARMA 13EAIME708 Epic Research
24 2016-2017 SACHIN SINGH 13EAIME093 Epic Research
25 2016-2017 LAV PRATAP 13EAIME730 Tech Mahindra
26 2016-2017 SHUBHAM CHOBISA 13EAIME756 Tech Mahindra
27 2016-2017 SUMAN KUMAR 13EAIME757 Tech Mahindra
28 2016-2017 VISHAL BHOJAK 13EAIME760 Tech Mahindra
29 2016-2017 VISHAL PRAJAPATI 13EAIME761 Tech Mahindra
30 2016-2017 SHASHANK DUBEY 13EAIME106 Tech Mahindra
31 2016-2017 DEVENDRA MEENA 13EAIME851 Tech Mahindra
32 2016-2017 ROHIT KUMAR 13EAIME092 Tech Mahindra
33 2016-2017 SUBHAM PATHAK 13EAIME108 Tech Mahindra
34 2016-2017 SHABBIR ALI 13EAIME103 Tech Mahindra
35 2016-2017 LAW KUMAR RAY 13EAIME055 Tech Mahindra
36 2016-2017 DHANANJAY CHOUDHARY 13EAIME037 Tech Mahindra
37 2016-2017 DEEPAK KUMAR 13EAIME034 Tech Mahindra
38 2016-2017 ANMOL PARETA 13EAIME017 Tech Mahindra
39 2016-2017 KUSHAL SAINI 13EAIME729 Adastra
40 2016-2017 KARAN SINGH CHAUHAN 13EAIME048 Adastra
41 2016-2017 ABHISHEK JINDAL 13EAIME004 Consultadd
42 2016-2017 ANAND SONI 13EAIME010 Consultadd
43 2016-2017 BIBHU PRATIM SARMA 13EAIME025 Consultadd
44 2016-2017 KESHAV GUPTA 13EAIME051 Consultadd
45 2016-2017 MOHIT YADAV 13EAIME064 Consultadd
46 2016-2017 ANKUR VERMA 13EAIME015 Consultadd
47 2016-2017 PRATEEK GAUTAM 13EAIME745 Consultadd

B.Tech 2016-2017 Batch
S.No. Year Name Roll No. Company Name
2 2015-2016 JITIN TIWARI 12EAIME047 TCS
3 2015-2016 PAWAN KHATIRI 12EAIME076 TCS
5 2015-2016 PRANIT 12EAIME080 TCS
6 2015-2016 SHUBHAM GUPTA 12EAIME104 TCS
8 2015-2016 UJJWAL 12EAIME117 TCS
9 2015-2016 VISHESH KUMAR 12EAIME121 TCS
11 2015-2016 DEEPIKA 12EAIME032 Tech Mahindra
12 2015-2016 TARUN KUMAR 12EAIME114 Tech Mahindra
13 2015-2016 ADARSH GROVER 12EAIME005 JK Machines
14 2015-2016 AKSHAY JANGID 12EAIME009 JK Machines
15 2015-2016 SANDEEP SHARMA 12EAIME094 JK Machines
16 2015-2016 TARUN NAGPAL 12EAIME116 JK Machines
17 2015-2016 ABHIMANYU MALI 12EAIME001 Prolifics
18 2015-2016 ABHISHEK KHANDELWAL 12EAIME002 Prolifics
19 2015-2016 ABHISHEK PAVAN 12EAIME003 Prolifics
20 2015-2016 AJAY SINGH RATHORE 12EAIME007 Daikin Electric
21 2015-2016 DEEPAK KAUSHIK 12EAIME030 Daikin Electric
22 2015-2016 FAREED AHAMAD 12EAIME037 Daikin Electric
23 2015-2016 KANHAIYA LAL DHOBI 12EAIME049 Daikin Electric
24 2015-2016 BHASKAR PARASHAR 12EAIME026 Daikin Electric
25 2015-2016 HEMANT KUMAR 12EAIME041 Capgemini
26 2015-2016 GAURANG VARSHNEY 12EAIME038 Capgemini
27 2015-2016 BANSI LAL 12EAIME024 Capgemini
28 2015-2016 BHAGSINGH SAINI 12EAIME025 Capgemini
29 2015-2016 ASHISH JHARWAL 12EAIME020 HCL Technologies
30 2015-2016 GOODWIN HARISON H ANUP 12EAIME715 Maintec Technologies
31 2015-2016 ROHIT SONI 12EAIME091 Maintec Technologies
32 2015-2016 SAGAR KALRA 12EAIME093 Maintec Technologies
33 2015-2016 YATHARTH DIXIT 12EAIME124 Cyfuture
34 2015-2016 NIRAJ KUMAR 12EAIME732 Cyfuture
35 2015-2016 VINAY JAIN 12EAIME760 Cyfuture
36 2015-2016 SWAPNIL BHANWARIYA 12EAIME752 Cyfuture
37 2015-2016 ANURAG SALUJA 12EAIME705 Cyfuture
38 2015-2016 ASHUTOSH YADAV 12EAIME022 Cyfuture
39 2015-2016 BHAVUK GANDHI 12EAIME027 Cyfuture
40 2015-2016 DEEPAK CHOUHAN 12EAIME711 Cyfuture
41 2015-2016 VIKRAM SINGH RATHORE 12EAIME759 Cyfuture
42 2015-2016 AYUSH PALOR 12EAIME707 TCS
43 2015-2016 JIMIT JOSHI 12EAIME045 Amazon
44 2015-2016 SHUBHAM AGARWAL 12EAIME746 Amazon
45 2015-2016 ARAV KUMAR RAJ 12EAIME017 CADD Centre
46 2015-2016 MANDEEP KUMAR 12EAIME053 CADD Centre
47 2015-2016 MD IQBAL 12EAIME058 CADD Centre
48 2015-2016 MOHAMMAD IMRAN 12EAIME063 CADD Centre
49 2015-2016 MOHD FAIZAN QURESHI 12EAIME067 CADD Centre
50 2015-2016 PAVAN SINGH JANKAWAT 12EAIME075 CADD Centre
51 2015-2016 PUSHPENDRA PANKAJ 12EAIME083 CADD Centre
52 2015-2016 SANJEET KUMAR THAKUR 12EAIME096 CADD Centre
53 2015-2016 SAURABH SHARMA 12EAIME100 CADD Centre
54 2015-2016 SHUBHAM JOSHI 12EAIME105 CADD Centre
55 2015-2016 SURESH KUMAR 12EAIME112 CADD Centre
56 2015-2016 VIJAY SINGH DUDI 12EAIME119 CADD Centre
57 2015-2016 ANKIT KUMAR 12EAIME703 CADD Centre
58 2015-2016 DEEPAK YOGI 12EAIME031 Consultadd
59 2015-2016 HEMANT SAINI 12EAIME042 Consultadd
60 2015-2016 JITENDRA KUMAR MAHAWAR 12EAIME046 Consultadd
61 2015-2016 KETAN JAIN 12EAIME050 HCL (TSS)
62 2015-2016 LAKSHYA SAXENA 12EAIME051 HCL (TSS)
63 2015-2016 LOKESH SHARMA 12EAIME052 HCL (TSS)
64 2015-2016 SIDDHANT AGRAWAL 12EAIME747 eUniversal
65 2015-2016 RUPESH KUMAR 12EAIME092 eUniversal
66 2015-2016 KUMAR SAURABH 12EAIME722 eUniversal
67 2015-2016 MD KALIM ANSARI 12EAIME727 eUniversal
68 2015-2016 RAKESH KUMAR 12EAIME087 eUniversal
69 2015-2016 RAVI BABU SHARMA 12EAIME740 eUniversal
70 2015-2016 DHEERAJ KUMAR 12EAIME033 eUniversal
71 2015-2016 VRIDDHI CHAND KUSHWAHA 12EAIME123 eUniversal
72 2015-2016 MD AAMIR ANSARI 12EAIME726 eUniversal
73 2015-2016 DINESH KUMAR MAHATO 12EAIME713 eUniversal
74 2015-2016 CHITTPRIYA 12EAIME029 eUniversal
75 2015-2016 VIKASH KUMAR 12EAIME757 eUniversal
76 2015-2016 BABU LAL KUMAR 12EAIME023 HCL Technologies
77 2015-2016 ABHITOSH KUMAR 12EAIME004 Teleperformance
78 2015-2016 AKASH RAJ 12EAIME008 Teleperformance

B.Tech 2014-2015 Batch
S.No. Year Name Roll No. Company Name
1 2014-2015 CHIRAG JHAMNANI 11EAIME014 CADD Centre
2 2014-2015 GAUTAM KUMAR PARMAR 11EAIME022 CADD Centre
3 2014-2015 RAJESH PATIDAR 11EAIME048 CADD Centre
4 2014-2015 RITESH CHAWARASIA 11EAIME050 CADD Centre
5 2014-2015 ROHIT KUMAR 11EAIME051 CADD Centre
6 2014-2015 SANJAY JATAV 11EAIME052 CADD Centre
7 2014-2015 NAVEEN KUMAR 11EAIME036 CADD Centre
8 2014-2015 PUSHP RAJ 11EAIME045 CADD Centre
9 2014-2015 ARVIND SHANDILYA 11EAIME011 CADD Centre
10 2014-2015 HEMANT PAL JANGID 11EAIME023 CADD Centre
11 2014-2015 CHANDAN KUMAR 11EAIME013 Merchant Navy
12 2014-2015 RISHABH PARYANI 11EAIME049 Merchant Navy
13 2014-2015 NITANSHU UPADHYAY 11EAIME038 Kukars
14 2014-2015 PIYUSH MISHRA 11EAIME039 Kukars
15 2014-2015 PRADEEP MAHLA 11EAIME042 Kukars

Industrial Collaboration:

Industrial collaboration and training is an activity in academy by which students get benefitted and their knowledge gets update. They understand about the various changes in technology which industry are following. For this we have collaborated with CAD Centre, Jaipur to train our students in the most important softwares like Autocad, Solid works, Pro-E and Ansys for improving the designing skills of the students.

RTU Syllabus:

As per the Rajasthan Technical University norms we offer a Four Year (Eight Semesters) B.Tech Course.


The students of the department have successfully completed large number of projects including the following, under the guidance of qualified faculties:


  • LPG Refrigerator,

  • CNC drilling wood cutter Machine,

  • GO-KART,

  • Ultra light Aircraft,

  • Borewell rescue machine,

  • Pipe bending machine,

  • Di-Wheel,

  • Manual Seed Driller,

  • Radiant cooling system,

  • Hydraulic stacker,

  • Manual stacker

The students of the department have been able to secure campus placements in many reputed companies including :


  • LNG Bhilwara Group

  • Arabol Lubricants

  • Trivani Turbines

  • Shree Cement

  • Shree shyam Engineering

  • Manu Yantrayala

  • Cad centre

  • GVK

  • Rama Aircon

  • Sunwave Infrapower






  • HCL


  • IBM

  • TCS

Industrial collaboration and Training

Industrial collaboration and training is an activity in academy by which students get benefitted and their knowledge gets update. They understand about the various changes in technology which industry are following. For this we have collaborated with CAD Centre, Jaipur to train our students in the most important softwares like Autocad, Solid works, Pro-E and Ansys for improving the designing skills of the students. We have collaborated with Imperial Society of Innovative engineers (ISIE) and various other organizations for the development of the students.

Department Club and Events

ACME (Arya Club of Mechanical Engineer),is a club formed by the faculty members and students of mechanical department. Under this club there are various events and workshop had performed like ESVC.

Outstanding Results

Faculties take extra care of the students and in the knowledge delivery process throughout the course period. These dedicated and concentrated efforts have culminated in obtaining 100% results in the final year. Our students have held position in the RTU merit list during the last three years.

Digital Notes

To keep the student study material ready according to university syllabus we provide them quality notes which are prepared with lots of hard work by our dedicated faculty members these notes are available at our website with the respective link. This study material helps the student to save time and guidance of two to three reference books.





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