Guidelines and Rules for The Students

Guidelines and Rules for The Students

Code of Conduct

  • Students are responsible for their conduct to the college Authorities/Principal/Deans/HOD. They are prohibited from doing any kind of indisciplinary activity, which may breach or harm the repute, discipline of the college or violate its normal working, either inside or outside the College premises.
  • Students should take proper care of college properties and must not spoil or cause any kind of damage to the college properties. For any damage, occurred, the decided amount will be collected from the guilty. In case the guilty is not traceable, the amount may be charged collectively from the class/college students.
  • The areas near classrooms are “Silence Zone”. Students are advised not to loiter/make noise in this zone. Furthermore, they should utilize their free time for creative activities or visiting library or computer center.
  • Student notice boards carry various kind of information from time to time. Hence, all are advised to observe notice boards regularly. Ignorance of any notice/s will not be accepted as a plea or an excuse for any kind of delay in any matter.
  • Students are not permitted to receive or entertain visitors in the College during the college time. In case, such visits are essential, the prior permission of the principal is necessary.
  • Indoor/outdoor games are prohibited during college hours.
  • Students should keep their mobile phones switched off during lectures, labs and in library.
  • During college hours no students is allowed to enter the hostel or move outside the college campus (except during lunch time) without taking permission from the Principal through their class coordinator or HOD/ First year Incharge.
  • Roaming during college hours will be considered as in-disciplinary activity.
  • Dress code is strictly followed in the college failing which the students will be marked absent in regular classes and will not be allowed to attend any kind of practical or Mid-Term examination.
  • Mass bunk in any condition is not allowed. In case of such eventuality, all students in the class will be marked absent and the topics to be covered shall not be repeated.
  • Residents of boys’ hostel are not allowed to be outside the college campus after 8:30 pm. For girls hostel the timing will be 6:00 pm (during winter) and 7:00 pm (during summer).
  • Using any kind of foul language on social networking websites or any public platform which my harm the repute or discipline of the institutions will be treated as misconduct.
  • The student/s shall be liable to disciplinary action for any kind of contravention to the above mentioned rules. The disciplinary action may involve warning, and/or fine and/or suspension from the class, from examination, from the College as such and/or any such action as per the rules of discipline. During the enquiry conducted by the students discipline committee against a student’s conduct, the authorities have the right to suspend him/her from the College.

Attendance Policy

  • As per the rules and regulations of the RTU no student will be allowed to attend sessional/ University Examination unless he/she has secured 75% of the attendance in lectures/labs, tutorials and other academic activities.
  • Students securing 100% attendance will be duly honoured.
  • For any kind of leave student/s must take permission of the concerned HOD/I Year in-charge through their class coordinator.
  • All applications for leave on medical ground must be supported by an authentic Medical Certificate and should reach the Principal Office within a week of student’s return. Failing which he/she will not be considered eligible for such leave. The benefit for the leave/s on medical ground is restricted to 10% of total attendance. For such leaves the class coordinator or HOD/First Year Incharge of the student should be informed earlier.
  • While issuing the character certificates from the college yearly attendance of the student will also be considered.

Discipline & Proctor Board Rules

  • In case of suspension of a student by the Principal. He/she will not be allowed to enter the college campus and participate in any kind of college activity. However, he/she may be allowed for the examinations with prior permission of the principal. In case of any emergency such student/s is found in the college campus without permission he/she will be liable for further disciplinary action.
  • Rights and Duties of Newcomers and their Guardians : A fresher should consider the College community as his/her family and should maintain cordial relationship with other members of the community particularly with senior students. He/she, like any other student, enjoys all rights and privileges that are available to any free citizen of this country. It is the duty of the students, therefore, not to obey any order/request, which he/she feels undignified in complying with, from seniors in the hostel or within the Campus. It is the responsibility of the fresher or any other person(s) who is/are aware about such request or order to bring it to the immediate notice of the Coordinator of Students’ Welfare committee or any member of the Anti-ragging committee (ARC). It should be noted that failing to do so is an offence as per College rules and thus liable to be punished. The confidentiality of such student(s)/guardian(s) will be strictly maintained. The guardian should cooperate with the College authority to seek redressal of the grievances of the fresher’s, if any.
  • Rights and Duties of the Old (senior) Students : It is the duty of the seniors to guide the fresher’s properly so that they feel at home. The seniors should remember the days when they had come in similar situation in first year after leaving their parents or the homely environment and set foot in this hitherto unknown campus. It is the modesty, helpfulness, love and cooperation of the seniors that will contribute towards making the newcomers good and responsible members of the college community. Interaction is very crucial between the new and old students to help them know each other and make friends. However, they should note that this can be done only in the presence of the members of the ARC or their representatives.
  • In dealing with any kind of breach of discipline, infringement of above mentioned rules and regulations, the Principal may decide to order appropriate penalty including (and/or) apology (verbal and written), fine, temporary suspension from college, rusticated from the hostel, rusticated from the college and rustication.

Anti Ragging Policy

Ragging in any from is strictly prohibited both inside and outside the College premises. Any student found indulged in any kind of ragging would be considered as guilty of gross indiscipline and as per the latest decision of the Hon. Supreme Court an FIR will be filed against him/her and he/she will be immediately suspended from the college. Anyone found indulged in eve-teasing shall also be dealt with the same.

Placement Policy

To provide better opportunities and an outstanding launch pad to the students a placement policy has been framed. According to which only those will be considered eligible for Training & Placement who:

  • Have secured minimum 75% of attendance.
  • Have not been involved in any in-disciplinary activity.
  • Have no back load.

Note:- It is expected that the students of final year will ensure the above.

Fee Policy

  • 1. Parents/Guardians of the students are advised to deposit their son/ward’s Fee in two installments as scheduled below:
  • a. For odd semesters: 1st to 15th July
  • b. For even semesters: 1st to 15th January

After the above scheduled period the penalty will be Rs. 100/- per day will be changed.

  • 2. In case of voluntary withdrawal after the due date of admission No Fee will be refunded.
  • 3. In case of loss or any kind of damage to the original identity card, a Duplicate identity card can be issued on payment of Rs. 50/- after reporting to the College authorities.

General Rules

  • An Identity Card is issued to each student at the time of admission. Students are advised to carry their identity card in person while entering the college premises.
  • In hostels, students must keep their rooms neat, clean and well organized.
  • Smoking, use of liquor or any allied substances is strictly prohibited in college/hostel premises.
  • Chewing in any form is prohibited in college campus.
  • Writing/spitting on walls/desks and various other places in the college is strictly prohibited.
  • Students are not allowed to keep/carry weapons in the college premises.
  • College authorities will not be responsible for loss/damage of any property such as mobile, jewelry etc. of the students.
  • Day scholars/hostellers are not allowed to bring their vehicles inside the college premises.
  • Suggestion Boxes have been provided on the ground floor near the library and in the administrative block. Students are advised to make use of them for empowerment of the institution.
  • In case the students go for hiking/tours/picnics organized by Private groups or unofficially on their own, the college will not bear responsibility for any mishap and the students will go at their own risk.
  • This is being made clear that the college will assist the students in the process of applying for bank loan. However, such assistance shall not be considered as a guarantee.
  • For getting any document or certificate from the college minimum processing time will be forty eight hours. (subject to the availability).
  • To prevent the habit of late coming in classes, it has decided that the attendance will be taken during first five minutes of commencement of lecturers and the latecomers will not be marked present for that lecture.

Library Rules

  • Use of library is open for members only.
  • Absolute silence should be maintained in the library.
  • Students are required to use the library only for the purpose of reading/reference work.
  • Documents/books are to be handled with great care, as they are costly and valuable.
  • Personal papers and non-library material should be kept outside the library. The library staff will not be responsible for any loss or damage.
  • Four books will be issued to each student for a period of 15 days.
  • Reference books/Counter books/Dictionaries are not to be issued.
  • The books will not be reissued at the time of return.
  • If a book is not returned by the due date, an overdue charge @ Rs. 2.00 per day for the first five days and @ Rs. 5.00 per day for subsequent sixty days will be charged. If the book is not returned even after sixty five days of the due date, a maximum fine of Rs. 500/- will be charged alongwith the book.
  • In case of book is damaged or lost, student will have to pay latest M.R.P. of the book plus Rs. 500/- as fine or he/she may replace the latest edition of the book & fine equivalent to library rule no. 9.
  • Students found tearing pages from the book/magazine/journals, will be fined Rs. 500/- and the latest M.R.P. of the book.
  • Students are instructed to check the pages of the books at the time of borrowing from the library counter. No complaint shall be entertained afterward.
  • Books will be issued/retuned during the college working hours only as per timings already notified.
  • Loss of Reader’s Ticket should be reported immediately in writing. A fine of Rs. 50/- will be charged for issuing duplicate Reader’s Ticket.
  • Students are advised not to hide books in the shelves. The students who take out the book from the shelf can keep/put the same on the library table or in at the specified place in the rack. Any violation to it will amount to fine of Rs. 50/-.
  • Student/s should not tear and deface the date slip otherwise a fine of Rs. 50/- will have to be paid.
  • If required, the librarian may recall a book at any time.
  • Students should endorse themselves in the entry register at the gate.
  • It is essential for every member to get the issued books checked by the guard at the gate.
  • Guard can check any member at anytime in case of doubt. No objection in this regard will be accepted.
  • Students should not be present in the library when classes are going on.
  • Nobody will be allowed to visit social networking sites in digital library otherwise he/she will be penalized.
  • Photo copy facility is available in the library to student on charges @ 50 paisa per copy.
  • Books should be in a good condition at the time of return, otherwise Rs. 40/- per book will be charged for its binding.
  • The books are issued for a period of 15 days to the students. In case the 15th days happens to be Sunday/Holiday, the students have to return the books prior to this day, otherwise fine will be applicable as per rule no. 9.
  • Violation of library rules or misconduct by any reader may result in cancellation of membership from the library.

Examination Policy

  • The students can enter the examination hall and occupy their seats 10 minutes prior and 5 minutes after the commencement of Mid-Term examination.
  • Students are required to find their seats and sit according to the arrangement being made by the Examination Cell and displayed on the notice boards.
  • Cellular phones/ programmable calculators/ communication devices are strictly prohibited in the examination hall by the students. If found, his/her 25% of maximum marks will be deducted from the secured marks as punishment. Only scientific calculator is allowed.
  • Students are forbidden from writing anything on question papers except their Roll Nos.
  • Students will not be allowed to leave the examination hall in mid term before the scheduled time. However, in Pre University Examination he/she may be allowed to move outside for the necessities after one hour.
  • During the course of the examination, students have to maintain discipline and obey the instructions of examination superintendent in all examination related matters.
  • Security/ staff member/ flying squad/ invigilator can check any student. Any kind of resistance to this will be treated as a case of unfair means.
  • Any written material (Chit, writing on calculator, desk, hand etc) will be considered as unfair means. The punishment may be cancellation of examination/deduction of marks/ appropriate disciplinary action.
  • Students should use only blue/black ink. Any other ink is prohibited.
  • Smoking/chewing in any form is prohibited during examination.
  • Improvement from should be duly filled and supported with required documents at the time of submission as per the schedule displayed by exam cell.
  • Once the candidate applies for improvement, his/her previous marks will be considered as cancelled.
  • There is no provision of re mid term/ mercy test after the commencement of examination.
  • Unit tests and Pre University Examinations are compulsory for all the students. They will carry 50% weight age of the discipline marks.

Unit tests and Pre University Examinations are compulsory for all the students. They will carry 50% weight age of the discipline marks.

Request to the Parents/Guardians

  • To create good academic atmosphere in the institute the parents/guardians are requested to prevent their sons/ wards from taking part in any kind of anti social activity and cooperate with the authorities of the institution for better teaching learning and to maintain the discipline.
  • Parents/guardians are requested to participate in Parent Teacher Meetings to be held after every mid-term.
  • It is responsibility of parents/guardians to check monthly progress report of their son/wards and in case of same is not received contact principal.